Ease your congregation into the 21st century with AdminPRO, a comprehensive software package that integrates church administration and financial management into one easy-to-use programme.

Our aim is to apply our experience to develop and supply quality affordable Church Administration Software that will assist Christian churches across the denominational spectrum in the administration and financial management of their congregations.

AdminPRO manages all members/resident’s information and finances, sending and receiving Email and SMS messages. The financial module makes it possible to keep track of all financial transactions of multiple bank accounts and to reconcile at the end of each month from the bank statements.

During 1997, a local pastor expressed the need for an electronic address list of his congregation members that could be updated regularly. Gemeente98 was written and eventually expanded to include more key functions. As more congregations heard about the programme and requested it for use in their own offices, the programme (by then known as Admin2000) was streamlined to become more professional and technologically advanced.

To date, AdminPRO is used in over 250 church offices throughout South Africa and abroad. Our clients include AFM, PPK, FGC, Reformed Churches as well as independent churches. From congregations as small as 60 members to some as large as 10 000, AdminPRO is flexible enough to suit the individual needs of any church

Congregation administration

  • Pastoral time management and duties
  • Staff management and salaries
  • Communication, incl. personalised letters, email and SMS’s
  • Diary organiser and reminders
  • Printable registration form for new members

Group information

  • Unlimited interest groups, incl. cell and small care groups, with geographic groupings and wards
  • Leadership levels
  • Baptism / christening information
  • Committees and commissions

Member information

  • Individual and family information with insertion of photos
  • Record keeping of pastoral visits
  • Personal and counselling notes
  • Flagging of new members


  • Various detailed and summary reports can be generated and printed using any of the available data.
  • Send and Receive SMS and e-mail
  • Manage letters
Other functions:
  • Visitor information and follow-up
  • Library and Bookshop management
  • School database
  • Attendance statistics
  • Gifts ministry questionnaire
  • Group SMS’s and e-mails
  • Pocket PC compatibility
Financial functions:
  • Financial set-up
  • Management of multiple bank accounts and individual funds.
  • Budget functionality
  • Income and expenses
  • Payment options: Electronic, cheque, Debit orders and Internal transfer between funds
  • Petty cash management
  • Printing of receipts and reports
  • Reconciliation of multiple bank accounts
Employee Management:
  • Employee information
  • Payroll management
  • Payslips
  • UIF calculations
  • Printing of detailed reports, incl. income, expenses, petty cash, member contributions, fund statements and financial summaries.

We were commissioned by a local Old Age Home in 2012 to modify AdminPRO for use by Old Age Homes. This module is now actively being used by about 10 Old Age Homes throughout South Africa.

  • This module is a new extension of the current AdminPRO for churches. It manages your day-to-day admin as well as all finances of each resident of the Old Age Home
  • All general resident information including photo, notes, medical information etc.
  • Keep in touch with the next of kin via SMS and e-mail
  • Keep track of each resident's hospital history
  • Handle parking, power, and other of the residents
  • Keep track of each resident's funds and debit accounts
  • Many resident reports and financial reports including monthly statements can be generated

Technical specifications:

  • AdminPRO is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 7 or 8.
  • Minimum screen solution 1024x768.
  • Network friendly.
  • Programme is not dependent on any third-party software.
  • Data conversion from other programmes may be done. Contact our offices for assistance.
  • Bilingual (English and Afrikaans).
  • Restore and back-up of data.

Training and support:

  • Comprehensive on-line user manual available
  • Training for first-time users
  • Customer support via e-mail, telephone or fax
  • Automatic upgrades available to existing customers