Home Auto Manager

Infrastructure owners can now exercise advanced levels of remote control over a wide variety of automation and security functions

Whether you need to monitor and manage a building, your home, factory, farm or other environments, the ability to do so from your phone has become indispensable.

Our system differentiates from others in that it is simple to use, easy and flexible to implement with full back-support and customer-friendly service at a reasonable price. It has been built locally (South Africa) using latest technologies with the objective to enable our customers to achieve improved levels of efficiency.


Examples of what this system is currently capable of:

  • Remote switching of lights, doors, gates, geysers, pump motors and irrigation systems even where different timing cycles are active;
  • Monitoring open or closed positions of gates and doors, including garage doors from a distant locality or directly from the property concerned;
  • Monitoring temperatures of selected equipment in homes or industrial buildings;
  • Remote checking of pH levels of liquids, temperature, water flow – from domestic pools to industrial systems;
  • Monitoring power status (mains, inverters, earth leakage units, of industrial or domestic nature);
  • Full control over functions via a cell phone wherever you have internet connectivity.

Typical functionalities include:

  • Immediate notification of power outages in a medium of choice;
  • Managing of alarms (arm, disarm and fault identification);
  • Linking of surveillance equipment (cameras, movement sensors etc.);
  • Compatibility with cell phone and multimedia applications;
  • Flexibility to select most suitable setup for individual needs.

The application of our system offers many advantages including:

  • Security and automation may function in parallel and/or in combination;
  • Individual installations can be customised to meet specific client requirements;
  • The software allows from thirty to a hundred configurations per installation;
  • Installations may commence on a limited scale but are easily expandable;
  • High levels of service standards to maintained installed systems;
  • Installers will be adequately trained to ensure quality installations;
  • Track and trace misconduct and fraudulent or criminal activities;
  • Security companies and insurers can pass savings onto customers.

Insurance companies will welcome an installation that can provide proof of fraudulent or criminal activity where claims are under consideration. Lower premiums will no doubt apply if an approved security system has been installed on the risk property.